The Power of Social Media as thousands of online users endorse HKK’s candidacy

As you all are aware by now, Nandi County has decided that it is Henry Kosgey for the gubernatorial seat.

HKK remains the strongest aspirant for the seat ahead of the August 8 General election.

Mr Kosgey has continued to receive backing from not only the over one million residents of Nandi but from fellow leaders as well.

He has received the backing of a number of aspirants ranging from Senators, MPs, Women Reps and MCAs.

Opinion polls have not been left behind as they have put him ahead of all the aspirants.

With 700 respondents aged 18 years and above across the entire county, Mr Kosgey a former long-serving cabinet minister would win the elections if they were held today, according to Trends and Insights For Africa (Tifa).

A screenshot of the recent opinion poll that has put Henry Kosgey ahead of other candidates in the Nandi gubernatorial race. The former long-serving cabinet minister would win the elections if they were held today

This comes at a time that the former Tinderet legislator is enjoying massive support from Nandi County social media users who have praised him for his track record and vowed to elect him.

Most of the overwhelming messages have been posted on Nandi County Forum, a closed Facebook page with about 150, 000 followers.


Bellah Rio:


If we can see beyond our political inclinations, then we agree that HKK comes with good tidings for Nandi.

HKK transformed and opened up Nandi County in its entirety when it was remote and out of reach! Through his influence, we have economic activities blossoming in technically allover Nandi.


  1. He influenced tarmacking of Timboroa -meteitei- Songhor- kopere road (49kms: road D340) this has made meteitei, songhor, kopere, maraba centres, Taptengelei, senetwo, kamelil areas accessible n grow economically. Such areas were thorny, remote and hostile. But all changed, businesses are growing and that means well TO THE PEOPLE


  1. He single handedly influenced the expansion and tarmacking of Nabkoi-Kapsabet (Road C36, 53 kms). Now, towns like Lessos, Kapsabet, centers like kilibwoni, arwos chebarbar, Namgoi have grown exponentially, our sons and daughters have good businesses running, matatu business is doing well, we save money and time and that MEANS WELL TO THE PEOPLE OF NANDI.
  2. Kipsigak-serem-shamakhokho (57kms to atune of ksh 1.5billion) road was HKKs doing. Networks are developing and businesses across kipsigak miwani to western kenya are growing and that means well to THE PEOPLE


  1. Himaki – Nandi Hills tarmacking gave growth to towns like Nandihills, Lessos, and growth of centers Himaki, Chepkunyuk etc out of this.

From this, we can derive that the growth of Nandi is proportionate to the doings of HKK. If he was selfish n full of himself, he had no business expanding Nandis infrastructure. Oiye Nandi, matkeame che ng’utumen! Ngoech koekchi HKK.



On Wednesday, Janto Korir posted:

HKK… choice. He helped so many people yet they’re the same people throwing stones at him now. I will vote him again and again…..let the stone throwing begin.

Kipkosgei Ruto on why HKK is the best placed candidate to breath a new life in Nandi County

John Paul

“What I want for Nandi is an economy that is self-sustainable.” “I want a county that will be able to embrace our diversity and forge together as one.” “I want everyone to feel the impact of devolution and how it can positively impact on the residents, jobs for our people and conducive environment that can be a source of attraction to various multinationals, foreign direct investments and an increase in local trade.” “We will be able to achieve all these if we walk together.” Thank you bikap Nandi. Henry Kosgey.

Kipkosgei Ruto

In his master piece Things Fall Apart. Achebe writes “You can tell a ripe corn by its look”. The incoming Governor Nandi County Henry Kosgey. Time for change and prosperity knocks at the door. What’s your take?

Bella Rio hails HKK track record.

Frankline Tarus

Angot gogo kolen HKK kityo.

Arap Bandi

HKK is definitely the next Nandi Governor. He was installed today as the king of Nandi

Saboke Chepkwony Kili Saboke and James Kipsoe are just some of the thousands of social media users who have continued to rally behind HKK

Saboke Chepkwony Kili Saboke

Team Hkk Ndaaaani ndaaaaani kabisa


So good people, aliye na macho haambiwi tazama, indeed

We will strive to reach everyone. Wrote John Paul

4 thoughts on “The Power of Social Media as thousands of online users endorse HKK’s candidacy

  1. Honourable Henry kiprono Kosgey is visionary, experienced, respected, reliable, unshakable, tested by time, an investor in Nandi county and philanthropist among other virtues. Come August eigth 2017 the great people of Nandi Will elect him as their Governor Nandi County.


  2. The only quality we need from our next governor is TRUST and maturity to secure county resources and use them eguitably. The only man to with this quality is Henry. His candidature is informed by the need to make Nandi a better place for all and not a butchery for few millionaires. HKK the is the ultimate choice.


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