A PLUS for Henry Kosgey as he unveils manifesto in Kapsabet Town

Nandi County gubernatorial aspirant Henry Kosgey has unveiled a seven-point manifesto, sending cold shivers down the spines of his clueless opponents.

Speaking on Saturday morning at Eden Springs Hotel in Kapsabet Town where he unveiled the manifesto, Mr Kosgey pledged to rebuild Nandi’s economy and improve livelihoods.

“This manifesto is a development framework through which I promise you a transformational model of governance that will help propel our beloved county to great prosperity and stability in the years ahead,” said Mr Kosgey.

Nandi County gubernatorial aspirant Henry Kosgey holds a copy of his manifesto on Saturday 15 April 2017. He has vowed to unseat Governor Cleophas Lagat.

Mr Kosgey said his government will build an economy that works for all.

“My administration will work tirelessly towards positioning Nandi as a vibrant and prosperous county by putting in place actionable, realistic and viable programmes that will be executed through the combined efforts of the National Government, County Government, grassroots leaders, organised private sector, faith-based organisations, professionals, professional associations, the business fraternity, ordinary individuals and foreign partners,” said Mr Kosgey.

He highlighted the importance of good governance saying that his administration will put in place a strong government devoid of corruption, nepotism and favoritism as he endeavors to enhance service delivery to all the citizens of Nandi County.

Mr Kosgey pledged to work hard to improve the county’s agricultural production.

“The strategic intent of our economic development strategy is to create a supporting environment for our farmers to increase their wealth while stimulating the creation of complementary value-added agricultural products and services,” he added.

Nandi County gubernatorial aspirant Henry Kosgey (centre) addressing the press on Saturday 15 April 2017 at Eden Springs Hotel in Kapsabet Town. He has vowed to unseat Governor Cleophas Lagat.

According to Mr Kosgey who pollsters have put ahead of other aspirants, the strategic intent of his economy is geared towards reducing the level of poverty in the county by providing gainful employment for his people and generating an abundance of wealth creation opportunities that will put the county on a path for sustained economic growth.

“To achieve this, I pledge to introduce legislation to compel the county government to procure at least 50 per cent of the goods and services from within the county,” he said.

On Saturday, Mr Kosgey said that his administration will offer quality and affordable healthcare to everyone.

READ: Kosgey unveils his plan for Nandi County – Daily Nation http://www.nation.co.ke/counties/nandi/Kosgey-unveils-his-plan-for-Nandi-County/3444806-3890822-rakbis/index.html

“The role of good health in promoting economic and social development must be appreciated. Poor health leads to diminished productivity as an output of economic development, inability to engage in physical activities, loss of time from work and increased burden on the healthcare budget among others,” he said amid cheers from the crowd.

According to Mr Kosgey, education being the backbone of development, there is need for every child to access right education.

“Apart from allocating Sh10 million per ward for salaries, I will also upgrade youth polytechnics to mini technical institutes through provision of modern equipment to offer relevant skills,” said Mr Kosgey.


The Jubilee Party aspirant at the same time reiterated his administration’s commitment to create a Nandi County enterprise fund that will be funded to a tune of 2.5 % allocation of the county budget.

“Since the youth are the strength, the wealth and the drivers of innovation in Kenya and Nandi specifically, my administration will make a deliberate effort to appropriately equip them in a bid to help them attain and realise their full potential,” he explained.

He went on to say, ”infrastructure is the mainstay of economic development. A responsible County government must provide basic public utilities for human sustenance and for proper function of both the public and private sectors.”

According to political analysts and residents, Mr Kosgey’s move to unveil his manifesto has sent shockwaves among his opponents with some said to be taking a break from campaign trail to consult on their way forward.

WATCH VIDEO: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ktnnews/video/2000126436/-nandi-county-will-never-be-the-same-after-henry-kosgey-s-address-on-transformation







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