HKK Tosha: Fake North Rift News try to revive the fast fading Nandi Senator Stephen Sang’

It has now come to the fore that Fake North Rift News, a very shallow online blog that is trying so hard to gain relevance conducted a poll survey among supporters of ICC fixer Senator Stephen Sang using a Whatsapp group of his followers to put him ahead in the Nandi gubernatorial race.

The screwed opinion poll put the incumbent Cleophas Lagat ahead of Stephen Sang.

Incoming Nandi Governor Henry Kosgey holds a copy of his manifesto. Opinion polls have put him ahead of other aspirants.

Incoming Nandi County Governor Henry Kosgey was unfortunately placed at the third place contrary to the feeling on the ground as justified by Trends and Insights For Africa (Tifa) opinion poll that put him ahead of other aspirants eyeing the seat.


With 700 respondents aged 18 years and above across the entire county, Mr Kosgey a former long-serving cabinet minister would win the elections if they were held today.

Team HKK is however not shaken by the Fake North Rift News opinion since voters have vowed to turn up in large numbers and cast in a manner that will reflect the will of the people.


The Kalenjin Council of Elders have rubbished Sang ‘s candidature who is accused of ‘setting up’ Deputy President William Ruto at the Hague-based International Criminal Court in connection with crimes against humanity stemming from the 2007/ 2008 Post-election violence is a dishonest leader and asked him to undergo a cleaning ceremony before seeking for an elective post.

In 2015, an ICC witness Philip Koech while testifying before the court claimed that Mr Sang was among those who linked him to donor agencies.

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Senator Sang who was working at the Usaid on a Governance and Democracy Programme is said to have used his position to coach witnesses to testify against the Deputy President.

HKK has been on record reminding people of Nandi of the need for the Kalenjin people to remain united under Jubilee party if they were to realize any tangible progress in 2017 and eventually 2022 when the current Deputy President William Ruto is expected to vie for the top seat.

A screenshot of the recent opinion poll that has put Henry Kosgey ahead of other candidates in the Nandi gubernatorial race. The former long-serving cabinet minister would win the elections if they were held today

VIDEO: Nandi County will never be the same after Henry Kosgey’s address on transformation


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